Favorite Resources

Local Support
Wild Ones is a non-profit that promotes landscaping with native plants. Central Wisconsin has several local chapters.

Garden Design Principles
Prairie Up, An Introduction to Natural Garden Design by Benjamin Vogt is a book that teaches about the various principles of native garden design.

Garden Design Templates
Wild Ones repository of free, downloadable native garden designs.

Native Plant Basics
Wisconsin-based resources from Wisconsin DNR.

Birds and Native Plants
Craig Thompson’s presentation is the best out there, drawing connections between birds, conservation, and planting native plants. It’s called The Power of Birds: Putting the Kibosh on Extinction.

Monarch Science
Monarch Watch coordinates citizen science and distributes free milkweed plants in support of monarch butterflies.

Biking With Butterflies by Sara Dykman is a book chronicling a young woman’s 10,000-mile bicycle journey along the monarch butterfly migration route. The ecological importance of native plants becomes crystal clear through her entertaining story. You will want to create a “Monarch Waystation” immediately after reading this.

TED Talk
Rebecca McMackin's TED Talk,
Let Your Garden Grow Wild, discusses the importance of gardening for biodiversity in public spaces and private gardens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plant species are available, and when?
Native plant plugs will be available from approximately June 15 until September 15, or until sold out. Check this spreadsheet for current plant availability ; it is updated regularly throughout the growing season.

Can I pre-order plants that aren’t yet available?
Pre-orders are currently closed; we expect to open ordering back up in May. When pre-ordering is available, pre-orders are accepted for 24 or more plants (any combination of species). We cannot guarantee the availability of all plants that are pre-ordered. Pre-orders secure your spot in line when the plants become available for sale. Payment is due at the time of pickup.

What are your prices?
Contact us for bulk pricing for orders of 100 plants or more.
A reimbursable deposit of $3 per tray is charged if plants are taken home in our reusable flat trays.
Listed prices include sales tax.

$3.50 each for 1-6 plants,
$3.00 each for 7-24 plants, or
$2.75 each for 25-100 plants.

How can I buy native plants?
Purchase in the following ways:
1) Place an order, then pick up in Amherst (email us a list of species and quantities or use our Order Form) when ordering opens up in May.
2) Browse on Open (Green)House days at the greenhouse in Amherst,
3) Visit us at the Waupaca & Stevens Point Farmers Markets, or
4) Other markets and pop-up events.

Watch the website and social media pages for Open (Green)House dates and market dates.

What are your hours?
Though we love visitors, our greenhouse is not always open to the public; you are welcome to browse the greenhouse by appointment and on Open (Green)House days throughout the season. Contact us to make a private browsing appointment; our availability is mostly on weekday evenings and on weekends. Open (Green)House days are announced on our website and social media pages. Our markets and sales tend to be weekend mornings.

Where is your greenhouse?
Our greenhouse is located at 363 County Road KK in Amherst, Wisconsin. We share a driveway with the neighboring business; when you turn into the shared driveway, keep left and head back to the greenhouse.

Can I set a meeting to discuss my project with Generation Native Plants?
Yes, please do! Send us an email to schedule a phone, web, or in-person meeting.

Do you ship plants?
No, we do not currently ship plants.

Do you deliver plants?
We may deliver bulk plant orders for a fee; contact us for details.

Do you sell native plants seeds?
Not yet, but we hope to in the future.

Do you sell native trees and shrubs?
Not yet, but we hope to in the future.

Do you use neonicotinoids?
No, we never use neonicotinoids. We do not source seeds or plants from nurseries that use neonicotinoids.

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